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Batteria intelligente 7,4 V 2600 e 3400 e 3000 e 2200 mAh per vestiti riscaldati

Modello: HB-2S1P-P34
Capacità: 3400mAh
Voltaggio: 7.4V
Tensione di carica: 8.4V
Corrente di scarica: 2A
Dimensione: 79*45*23mm
Il peso: 125g
Ciclo di vita: DOD 500 cicli ≥ 80% (carica e scarica standard)

Heating Clothes battery 7.4V 2200/2600/3000/3400mAh

Four adjustable smart outputs

一、Smart li-Ion battery technology indicators:                                                                      

1、Nominal Voltage7.4V


3、Working Voltage5.5V-8.4V

4、Nominal Capacity:2600mAh(2200/3000/3400mAh)

5、Charge Cut-off Voltage8.4V

6、Charge Current200-1200Ma

7、Standby Current:≤45μA

8、Max. Output Power15W MAX

9、Operating Efficiency:≥99%

10、Loading Resistance5Ω-200Ω

11、Charge MethodCC/CV-Constant Current/Constant Voltage

12、Charge Temperature0℃—40℃   

13、Discharge Temperature-20℃~ +60

14、Charge Duration5hrs(Standard)

15、Cycle Life TimeAbove 500 cycles

16、Power Self-Consumption7.5-14.2uA

17、Internal ImpedancePCB Internal Impedance<100mΩ, Battery Internal Impedance <240mΩ

18Output TerminalDC3.5*1.35*7mm, Positive inside


20、Weight: about   125g


1Power display:

Press the button(Power) to check the power level:

     Show 0:   Remaining Capacity<=2%

     Show 1:   Remaining Capacity<=8%

     Show 2:   Remaining Capacity<=15%

     Show 3:   Remaining Capacity<=25%

     Show 4:   Remaining Capacity<=40%

     Show 5:   Remaining Capacity<=55%

     Show 6:   Remaining Capacity<=70%

     Show 7:   Remaining Capacity<=80%

     Show 8:   Remaining Capacity<=90%

     Show 9:   Remaining Capacity<=100%

2Out power:

Constant power output: Press the ON/UP button for 3 seconds to power on

1.The display show 4 means the output power is About 95% of full output power

2.Press the OFF/DOWN button again,

   the display show 3 means the output power is About 80% of full output power

3. Press the OFF/DOWN button again,

    the display show 2 means the output power is About 50% of full output power

4. Press the OFF/DOWN button again,

    the display show 1 means the output power is About 30% of full output power

5.Press the ON/UP from 1 rise to 4, press the OFF/DOWN from 4 drop to 1.

6.Press the OFF/DOWN button for 3 seconds, the power output also is off.